Your Zodiac Sign as a Superfood Smoothie

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Your Zodiac Sign as a Superfood Smoothie

Human beings have studied the mysteries of the universe for centuries. We have found meaning in stars, moons, and planets to create a path that guides us towards our light.

We’ve matched your zodiac sign with a superfood smoothie to help bring balance and clarity into your life. Let us know what you think by tagging us in your Instagram story with a screenshot of your zodiac smoothie!

Aries: Mango & Papaya

You’re bold, unapologetic, and you say it how it is. Some people are uncomfortable with how blunt you are – but it’s what makes you unique.

Your match made in heaven is Mango & Papaya smoothie.  A mango smoothie that tastes like royalty and makes you feel rejuvenated inside and out.

Taurus: Coffee & Cacao

You may be stubborn, but it’s because you’re incredibly patient. Your patience inspires others to do the same. With a practical and grounded heart, you stand with resilience in the face of conflict.

Your perfect match is the Coffee & Cacao smoothie. You love the finer things in life, and hate being rushed. Sip on some of that sweet mocha smoothie to start your day smoothly.

Gemini: Banana & Cacao

You’re incredibly adaptable and your curiosity towards the world makes you love the on-the-go lifestyle. Your life is filled with adventure because you’d try anything once.

Your best match is the Banana & Cacao smoothie for a sweet start to your day. This chocolate superfood smoothie will gradually wake you up so you can enjoy your morning.

Cancer: Cherry & Acai

You think with your heart more than your head sometimes. You’re genuine, kind, and feel everything around the world so deeply. You lend your heart out often because you truly love helping people.

Your sweet match is the Cherry & Acai. This sweet and tart smoothie will bring you closer to your heart so you can stay centered all day.

Leo: Dragonfruit & Strawberry

You’re fiercely loyal to your loved ones and have one of the biggest hearts to share. You effortlessly remind people of their inner child and to always find time for play.

Your match is the Dragonfruit & Strawberry smoothie. You’re not afraid to show up with a little more spunk and love being the center of attention. This dragonfruit superfood smoothie will help you feel in control of your day.

Virgo: Green Apple & Moringa

You’re often misunderstood because you tend to be on the quieter side. Everyone knows how dedicated you are to the things you love. You inspire others to be more humble.

It’s no secret that your match is Green Apple & Moringa. Your dedication is inspiring, but it’s important to relax too. This low sugar green smoothie will help you stay focused to do what’s best for you.

Libra: Strawberry & Banana

You strive for balance in your life. You love being social and your cleverness never fails to make people laugh. You’re the king/queen of compromise, and always wants what’s best for others.

Your match is the Strawberry & Banana smoothie. Though you seek balance, it’s easy for you to get your head wrapped up in other things. This strawberry smoothie will keep you calm and collected.

Scorpio: Apple & Black Tea

You’re an incredibly hard worker that will never sacrifice independence and passion. It’s what makes you stand out. You never fail to impress others and light up the room with your energy.

Your perfect match is the Apple & Black Tea smoothie. In order to show up right, you need a little spice in your life. This chai smoothie will do just the thing to start your day with a spark.

Sagittarius: Blueberry & Cacao

You’re shameless, proud, and adventurous. Maybe even a little rebellious. Your optimism and excitement for life is contagious to anyone in your life.

Your fiery match is the Blueberry & Cacao smoothie. You’re always on-the-go and always down for an adventure. This chocolate blueberry smoothie will help you stay centered so you remember to stay true to yourself.

Aquarius: Apple & Matcha (Jamba x Revive Superfoods)

You’re calm and energetic at the same time. You radiate positive energy that inspires others to be themselves. You can easily find a way to connect with others.

Your match is the Apple & Matcha smoothie! This matcha smoothie will give you a pep in your step, while staying calm, cool and collected.

Capricorn: Pineapple & Coconut

You may seem easy-going, but your ambition and persistence is admirable to everyone around you. You’re dedication is unmatched, but it’s also important to relax once in a while.

Your best match is the Pineapple & Coconut smoothie. This coconut superfood smoothie will give you a smooth start to your morning. Don’t forget to be patient with yourself.

Pisces: Blueberry & Spirulina

As a water sign, you feel emotions deeply. Your love for the arts like music help you to connect with your inner self. You feel your emotions more often than you’d like to admit.

Your smoothie match is the Blueberry & Spirulina smoothie. Though your emotions may seem overwhelming and blu at times, this blue spirulina smoothie will help you stay grounded throughout your day.

Adding these superfood smoothies to your everyday life will help you feel that much more in control of your day. The ingredients from mother earth will keep you grounded, to facilitate a healthy flow to guide you throughout your day.