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I love smoothies but I hated the prep work. I’d get my smoothies from cafes near me but they were always packed with added sugar and unhealthy ingredients that left me feeling bloated and tired. So, my partners and I joined forces with a mission: to solve this smoothie dilemma for busy folks like me. Our solution? Frozen, pre-portioned smoothies that are not just tasty and packed with goodness, but also ready in seconds.
Empowering people to build healthy eating habits
Smoothies that are good for you and the environment
Making healthy food accessible to everyone
Always balancing taste and nutrition
What you put inside your body matters From the very beginning, our mission has centered around the profound impact of your food choices on your well-being and performance. That’s precisely why we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting smoothies composed of the finest, vitamin-rich ingredients. Our goal is simple: to transform your life for the better with every sip.
Revive Superfoods
We don’t eat enough fruits & veggies According to the CDC, a mere one in ten individuals manages to meet the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. At our core, we’re committed to making it effortless and convenient for you to embrace a broader spectrum of superfoods through our perfectly portioned smoothies.
Revive Superfoods
Frozen to lock in the good stuff Right from the start, our vision was crystal clear – we were going to craft our smoothies using frozen ingredients. Why the emphasis on frozen? Well, it all boils down to the supply chain. You see, the path that fresh produce takes from the farm to your table spans weeks, and during that time, fruits and veggies can lose over 30% of their nutritional goodness just three days after being harvested. By freezing produce right at the source, we lock in those essential nutrients and flavors, ensuring that every sip of our smoothies maximizes the benefits you reap from every delicious gulp.
Revive Superfoods
Building healthy habits with intention It all begins with your determination. When you set your mind to it, you take the first step toward cultivating healthier habits. Our goal is to help you maintain that consistency without the hassle of shopping, portioning, and prep work. We handle all of that so you can concentrate on what truly matters – a healthier, happier you. And it all starts with a sip of our nourishing smoothies.
Revive Superfoods