3 Ways To Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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3 Ways To Stay Healthy During the Holidays

It’s the coldest and the coziest time of the year! But it may be tempting to get too cozy during the winter while in a pandemic.

Have you found that you’re not feeling your best lately? Maybe your brain is foggy or you’re feeling a bit sluggish. It’s easy to get lost in work and distracted by the holiday season.

Since we care about your health, we want to share some of our tips for keeping your mind and body healthy during the colder months.

Food as Fuel

During the coldest season of the year, it’s easy to go for ultimate comfort food. I mean, who doesn’t love heavy carbs? As delicious as it is, it’s no fun when you eat too much and your food makes you lethargic.

The food you eat turns into your body’s fuel! So if you’re not feeding yourself a good balance of nutritious food, you may not feel your best. And no, you don’t need to ditch all of that, but we encourage you to find a healthy balance.

TIP: Food that’s good for you but doesn’t taste good isn’t sustainable. Instead, find healthy choices that works for you!

Whether it’s choosing healthy snacks, turning breakfast oats into cookies, or choosing a Supermeal instead of fast food (dare we say faster than fast food). Whatever it is, make your food something you look forward to. It makes eating that much more enjoyable!

Intentional Movement

The sedentary lifestyle is popular, especially in the winter. If you’re working from home in a pandemic, you’re probably in your comfiest clothes, in front of your laptop with a blanket draped over your shoulders.

Sitting down all day isn’t good for your health. Instead of sitting there for hours on end getting lost in your work, remember to get up and move every once in a while. Traditional exercise doesn’t have to be the only solution. Get up and go on a short walk, walk up and down your stairs, or clean your house. Movement doesn’t have to be confined to a treadmill!

TIP: Set a timer every hour for intentional movement.

It doesn’t have to take too much time out of your schedule. But a quick 5 minutes away from your to-do list may be just what you need! Stretch a little, do some jumping jacks, or whatever. Just make sure it’s enjoyable so you can enjoy your break.

Don’t Forget to Socialize

Winter is the ultimate hibernation time. But it may be easy to forget to socialize, especially during the pandemic. Sometimes, all you need is a chat with your best friend or catch up with a family member.

Plan a time to hangout with your loved ones! Whether it’s video chatting, texting a friend you’ve been meaning to reach out to, plan a date night with your partner, or hang out with your kid. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but that special time is something that can never be replaced.

TIP: Schedule time to socialize

If you’re a busy person or you get a little too comfortable being yourself, it can get a little too easy to “forget” to socialize. This can leave you neglecting yourself, since you’re a social creature! By adding some quality time into your schedule, it allows you to relax and be yourself with the people you love

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