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Healthy and delicious perfectly-portioned Superfood eats delivered frozen right to your door, ready in seconds for you to enjoy! Pre-select or customize your box with smoothies, oats, meals and more! Meal planning made easy.

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The Family Box
The Family Box
9 Cups / Week
Get the whole family hooked on healthy! These carefully curated kid-friendly and parent-approved delicious superfoods eats are sure to be loved by everyone!
What’s inside?
$5.99 per cup
The Fit Box
The Fit Box
9 Cups / Week
It all starts with what you fuel your body with. We want to help you on your journey to eating better, feeling better and being better. Our Fit Box contains plant-based smoothies, superfoods meals and oats that will keep you feeling ready to conquer the day.
What’s inside?
$5.99 per cup
The Best Sellers Box
The Best Sellers Box
9 Cups / Week
The biggest challenge when ordering food is deciding what to try first..well we got you! Our-best sellers box features some of our most popular and loved Superfood eats!
What’s inside?
$5.99 per cup

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@dydoesit Omg how hard is it to stay healthy during this lock down and eat the way your body needs you to!?!?! Well, you’re welcome because this is my best kept secret, @revivesuperfoods
@yumi_doll We’re so lucky @revivesuperfoods 🚚delivered yummy smoothies to us!
@thecodycore Love having delicious smoothies that get shipped right to you.
@themelissalifestyle_ Life has been a lot easier in the mornings because of @revivesuperfoods smoothies! These smoothies are made with premium farm frozen ingredients and are sent right to your doorstep. ⁣
@thebusyboymama 🍎🍌🥕 I’m so thankful we got a box of healthy smoothies from @revivesuperfoods to tide us over until the next store trip. My favorite is Morning Mocha which includes pea protein and coffee! 😋
@jensfoodbombz Been loving how good and easy their smoothies are!
@thecoolhipmom All you have to do is add liquid and blend!
@modernalternativemom 🍓MY KIDS ATE ZUCCHINI AND HAD NO IDEA.⁣
@indew With such a busy schedule @revivesuperfoods provides a simple solution to incorporate a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.
@connie__sanchez @revivesuperfoods has saved me from having to spend time making a healthy breakfast every morning.
@thepapaperspective The people at @revivesuperfoods have put together low calorie smoothies packed with healthy ingredients to add a boost to your day and help you feel great! I especially love any of their smoothies with strawberries 🍓🤤
@jamiswanbeauty Quick and easy grab and blend, and and double up as puréed nutritionally balanced baby food aswell!