Hazy Coco

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An incredible fusion of chocolate and hazelnut – better than any spread you’ve ever tried! PLUS it’s healthy with NO added sugar. It’s the perfect treat, with no guilt! Superfoods upon superfoods, upon SUPERFOODS! That’s how we define this protein-packed smoothies. It’s crafted with premium ingredients like chickpeas, hazelnuts, cacao, and cold brew! We snuck in quite a few veggies there for the picky eaters in your life! This one is a team fav for its disease-fighting superpowers!


  • EnergizingEnergizing
  • Workout RecoveryWorkout Recovery
  • Anti InflammatoryAnti Inflammatory

The Goods

Sunflower Seeds*
Pea Protein
Himalayan Sea Salt
Hazelnut Flavouring
Please note that we are in the process of SuperCharging our products. During this transitional period some of our products may still have allergens like certain nuts, nut butters, and coconut. All our products are dairy and gluten free. If you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected].

Superfood Highlights

Himalayan Sea Salt

Himalayan salt is made from rock crystals of salt that have been mined from areas close to the Himalayas, often in Pakistan. It gets its rosy hue from trace minerals in the salt, like magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Nutrition Facts

Hazy Coco

How To Blend

Fill box
Step 1 Fill your smoothie cup all the way to the top with your favourite liquid
Blend box
Step 2 Toss all the good stuff into your blender and blend until smooth
Pour box
Step 3 Pour your delicious smoothie back into your ready-to-go cup, pop the lid back on and enjoy!


Overall Rating: 4.8/5
based on 52 reviews


Camille B

February 21, 2020

Just no

I really didn't like it, I didn't finish it. It had a strange chalky after taste


Heather H

February 21, 2020

Removed nut butter and added cheap pea protein

Really disappointed in the changes. The nut butters really made the smoothie. Adding cheap pea protein as a filler really makes them gross.


Tesh W

February 20, 2020

A healthy Chocolate Shake

This is by far my favourite! It tastes like a Banana Chocolate Shake.!!! And healthy!

I used Coconut milk and chocolate almond milk in mine.


Jessica L


February 13, 2020

Not my favorite

Out of all the ones I tried, I didn't like this one as much. I'm not sure what about it made it not my favorite, but wasn't as much of a fan. I think it may be that I'm more of a fruit smoothie person. It definitely wasn't bad, and I think it's worth giving it a try, just wasn't my favorite.

I used almond milk.


Amanda S


February 8, 2020


This tastes just like chocolate covered bananas with a hint of coffee! Absolutely my favorite so far!


Jamie J


February 4, 2020

Sweet Chocolatey Banana

I used Silk Almond Milk “Dark Chocolate” as my liquid and it was the best decision ever 🤣 I might order a whole box of these

Dark Chocolate Silk Almond Milk!


Britany T


February 1, 2020

Fav. Coffee one!

I really thought the mocha coco? Woulda been my fav. Coffee one but it wasnt at all... this one was really good!


Amy B


January 30, 2020

Another morning rockstar

Yeah, I really dug this one. The chewy date pieces hate my teeth but that is OK. This blended pretty well despite the dates. The hazelnut flavor was there.

Almond milk as always and blend the heck out of it.


Ashley E


January 22, 2020

Love this

This one may be my favorite smoothie! It’s def like a milk shake with the flavors of hazelnut and chocolate

I blended with Milk


Jennifer B


January 19, 2020

Delicious and nutritious

This smoothie is really enjoyable to drink and tastes so much like a chocolate milkshake, it’s unbelievable that it contains any nutrition at all. I love chocolate and I am just delighted with this smoothie!

I love chocolate, so to give it a really nice chocolate flavour I add a handful of milk chocolate chips and chocolate almond milk as the liquid. I would recommend using extra liquid, as it’s a bit thick otherwise.

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