Revive Your Roots : The Egyptian Falafel

Revive Your Roots
Revive Your Roots : The Egyptian Falafel

From day one, we have dedicated Revive Superfoods to creating whole, unprocessed meals that connect with people from all backgrounds. But, we realized we were only telling one part of the story. Food is the fuel source that helps us navigate and function daily, but why do we eat certain types of foods and not others? Do you ever wonder where some of the ingredients you eat come from? Did you know, not all of the ingredients come from North American? So how did they all get here? We’ll tell you. But first, a little interesting fact about our CEO.

Revive Superfoods is a company built by a diverse group of individuals including many with a Middle Eastern background, such as Yousuf Soliman, CEO. That being said, we thought it is important for us to share a part of our individual and company culture with you by launching our Middle Eastern inspired Falafel Pops!

 “I remember growing up, we would have falafel once a month during Sunday breakfast! My siblings and I were always looking forward to having it, so much that my mother had to set a maximum serving per person to make sure we each had a chance to eat them! But what made the falafels so special to us was the homemade tahini sauce we’d have our falafels with!”

– Yousuf Soliman, CEO

Of course, as children, we grow up thinking our mothers are the absolute best chefs in the world. And it’s true. Our CEO has taken his mother’s original recipe and made his very own rendition. And now we’re here to share that with you.

What is Falafel?

Fa-laa-fell (noun) – That delicious, crunchy, round, protein-packed thing you get wrapped in a tahini drizzled pita at your favorite Arabic restaurant.

This deep-fried mix of beans and spices looks just like a meatball. It’s typically made with fava beans, chickpeas, or both!  You’ve probably seen it like this:

falafel pops

It tastes like a soft and moist bean ball that’s crunchy and savory on the outside.

Where Did Falafel Come From?

The origins of falafel have mixed stories, like most food history. Most historians agree that this vegan meatball comes from Egypt. The first documented falafel in Egyptian literature popped up in 1882 after the British occupation.

Many believe that the Coptic Christians in Egypt created it as a meat-free alternative for Lent around 1000 years B.C. How did this Middle-Eastern favourite make its way to North America?

In 1969, a man named Mamoun Chater left Syria to come to the United States. As an immigrant, Mamoun struggled to make ends meet. His struggle led him to share authentic Middle Eastern cuisine with America. He refined his mother’s falafel recipe and in 1971, he opened up New York City’s first falafel restaurant called Mamoun’s Falafel.

His restaurant became one of the first Middle Eastern establishments in the United States.

But it’s more than a place to eat falafels. It’s a restaurant that values family, work ethic, quality and connection. Today, there are 10 locations spread out over 5 states. As Mamoun’s establishment grows, his sons’ come forward to continue the family business.

The food we eat should never be taken for granted. Each food we eat comes with a story. If it weren’t for the struggle of our ancestors we would not have gotten the pleasure to try these foods in our home country.

Falafel Pops Up In Modern Day

It seems like Mamoun’s falafel inspiration is just like Yousuf’s! In our modern vegan Falafel, we’ve injected tahini sauce inside it so it’s easy and convenient to enjoy.

When you bite into this modern Falafel ball, remember that it’s more than just a food. Remember its roots. Celebrate the culture where it came from. Reflect on the hard-working immigrant families that brought these delicious foods with them into our homes as a reminder of what feels like home to them.

Add Falafel Pops To Your Box

falafel pops

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