Clean & Green

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Creamy and delicious! Our Clean & Green KETO smoothie is packed with antioxidants, good fats, and fibre! Despite it being low on sugar and carbs, this smoothie is beyond delicious. Forget all you thought a Keto smoothie would taste like we beat all odds with this tasty and nutritious superfood smoothie.


  • Fat BurningFat Burning
  • Heart HealthyHeart Healthy
  • BeautifyingBeautifying

The Goods

Coconut Oil*
Psyllium Husk

Superfood Highlights

Coconut Oil*

Coconuts contain significant amounts of fat, but unlike other nuts, they provide fat that is mostly in the form of medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs) in particular, one called lauric acid. Lauric acid in the body is a powerful antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. Adding a moderate amount of coconut-derived foods in your diet may help protect the body from infections and viruses.


The active compound in turmeric is curcumin and this bioactive compound delivers a one-two punch against free radicals. It blocks them directly, then stimulates your body's own antioxidant defenses!

Nutrition Facts

Clean & Green

How To Blend

Fill box
Step 1 Fill your smoothie cup all the way to the top with your favourite liquid
Blend box
Step 2 Toss all the good stuff into your blender and blend until smooth
Pour box
Step 3 Pour your delicious smoothie back into your ready-to-go cup, pop the lid back on and enjoy!


Overall Rating: 4.7/5
based on 33 reviews


Sherine D


March 27, 2020

Not bad

This smoothie flavour is not too bad. It's quite green which I like but it lacked a bit of flavour especially when I added half a scoop of plant based protein.

Add more berries.


June P

March 26, 2020

healthy but bland

I know its keto and I like ingredients but find I need to add more fruit and a touch of maple syrup to make it taste better.


Zoe S

March 23, 2020

Do Not Buy from this Company!

Warning: If you are new to this site, beware. They are a scam. Do not fool yourselves by being a customer.


Mandy M

March 22, 2020

So yummy!

This is definitely a must have in your box. Not too sweet and also not too earthy!

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Aiesha C

March 22, 2020

Not bad

Not bad but it has a lot of raspberry seeds. I prefer matcha maker as a green juice because I find it to be smoother in texture.

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I used vanilla almond milk


Kat C

March 20, 2020

Keto-friendly and delicious

Raspberry and spinach are the strongest flavors. You can taste the higher fat content and I recommend putting in a little extra liquid to help it blend easier. Unsweetened almond milk was great- dairy would be even creamier.

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Stephanie M

March 19, 2020

I liked it

it was good I made it with almond milk and the flavor was ok. greens as it is expected the coconut gives it a good texture.I will pick this one again more for the benefices that for flavor. if you use my code MON593560 you can get 60off and help me get other straws ;)

I would add protein powder maybe for flavor and to feel more full feeler if your are taking the smoothie to replace a meal.


Michaelia C

March 18, 2020


I love the selection of smoothies available. I never received the complimentary straws with my first box and was told I would receive them in my second shipment - which didn't happen. My smoothies are delicious though!


Peter A


March 17, 2020

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Delicious healthy green smoothie!

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canessa h


March 15, 2020

Veggie Mania

I love this smoothie for all the health benefits. I like opening the lid of my cups and seeing green. As a busy mom of 3 kids/nurse I find it hard to take care of myself and eat healthy-- Insert these into my life and thank you, I feel ready for whatever life throws at me that day. I add more raspberries and prefer with a thicker milk such as oat milk. You can switch it up with different flavors but our local store only carries the basic flavor.

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