Meet Tanya and Helga, Marketing Strategists at Revive Superfoods

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Meet Tanya and Helga, Marketing Strategists at Revive Superfoods

This week, we’re spending a day in the life of our two Marketing Strategists, Tanya Gauthier (left) and Helga Omoreji (right)!

This creative duo met 4 years ago while completing their Bachelor’s degrees at the University of Toronto. Although they both studied in completely different fields, their passion for marketing and their desire to grow their own business led them to launch their own Digital Marketing Agency ByMillennials Agency.

What is it about your roles that you love?

Creative Freedom! We love that the Revive Superfoods team is open-minded and willing to test out different trends and content styles! With social media, you have to play with different things to figure out what your audience loves seeing the most. An example would be our recent shift towards “color blocking”. When we started working with Revive Superfoods 6 months ago, we steered away from “studio” photography to incorporate more “lifestyle” photography. We saw a huge bump in engagement, but that indirectly weakened our brand image on Instagram. For a month now, we’ve been using “color themes” every week to merge our brand style, which is colorful and vibrant, to the lifestyle content you all love! 

What does a typical day look like for you both at Revive Superfoods?

It honestly changes every day! However, we typically start our day with a 30-minute “Social Media Stand-Up Call” with the Social Media Manager, Conway. During that call, we go through that day’s content schedule and any approvals that are pending for the rest of the week or weeks to come. 

Then, we’ll typically work closely with Iman, the Executive Marketing Manager and Natasha, the PR, Influencer & Brand Partnerships’ Manager, for any giveaways, Marketing campaigns, product launches and content approvals. 

Now, given Revive Superfoods is one of our clients, we do block off time every day, so our full attention is on Revive Superfoods only! At ByMillennials, we strive to challenge the traditional agency-client relationship by offering a very “hands-on” approach and being involved with the entire team just like an employee would (hence why they’ve included us in this Day In The Life series!).

What is your process when creating the Revive Superfoods content Calendar?

Teamwork makes the dream work… right?! 

No, but seriously, since it’s the two of us, we’re lucky enough to be able to throw ideas back and forth and explore ideas that alone, we might not have thought of! 

We like to go through Revive Superfoods’ recent tagged photos and mentions to source user-generated content that is in line with our branding. Through everything we do, we always keep in mind that we are creating a content calendar with a purpose encouraging others to eat better, live better and feel better. Every piece of content we schedule in must tie back to our brand mission – even our memes promote healthy living with a twist!


How do you stay on top of the latest trends?

This is a tricky one! Trends can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and sometimes, time is the biggest barrier! To stay on top of trends, it’s crucial to spend time on every social media platform. Once we find a trend, we have to brainstorm on ways to spin it, so it’s in line with Revive Superfoods’ brand mission and values. Luckily, being a better version of yourself is always “trending” so our job is to make sure we find creative ways to produce original content!

How do you break down who does what & what is priority? 

Our daily team call helps with this! During that call, we like to set up goals for each other, so we feel motivated throughout the day and are held accountable! We’ll typically go through that day/week and figure out what needs to be done by whom and what is a priority. Communication is key here.

But for those who are curious, this is usually how it goes:


  • Leads our daily meetings
  • In charge of the content calendar board
  • Oversees all social media work
  • Creates every month’s content calendar with Helga
  • Approves all content internally before getting approval by Iman and Natasha
  • Tracks and reports on the performance of all social media efforts


  • Oversees Social Media Manager’s work
  • Creates every month’s content calendar with Tanya
  • Creates all social media content requests for the photographer
  • Sources smoothie content creators whom we can partner with
  • Approves all content internally before getting approval by Iman and Natasha
  • Researches trends and comes up with creative ideas for our socials

Any advice for small brands stating on social media?

Don’t underestimate the importance of social media, especially now! There is so much information available online on how to use social media to grow a small business. 

Our biggest piece of advice would be to focus on 1 to 2 platforms to start. Our favs? Instagram and TikTok. Use Instagram to showcase your branding, brand values and products. Then go crazy on TikTok to grow a following and drive traffic to your Instagram!

Fun facts about Tanya and Helga

Helga speaks Russian and even had to use those skills while working at Revive Superfoods…crazy, huh?!

Tanya is an organization freak! When she joined Revive Superfoods, it didn’t take long for her to implement project management tools such as Trello, which we now use for literally every project at Revive Superfoods. Fun fact, she briefly took care of our Blogs and Email Marketing while we were looking to expand our team. A true jack of all trades!

What is your favorite Revive Superfoods product and why?

We are both obsessed with Morning Mocha! It gives off such ice coffee vibes, with the added superfood benefits… hard not to love!