Revive Superfood’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Revive Superfood’s Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide By Revive Superfoods

Don’t know what to get your loved ones this Christmas?

Below, we’ve selected a compilation of companies that reflect values that align with ours. We believe it’s important to have products that support the community and our planet. Here are some ethical gifts to get your loved ones this holiday season. Gifts that both of you can feel good about.

Keep reading to learn more about each company and gift ideas for all things makeup, skincare, lifestyle and more!


Yellow Beauty

Yellow Beauty is a company that revolves around their love for bright turmeric. Kind to the skin, planet, and will make you feel good. Their mission is to fight for children + girl equality and rights, with 10% of profit going to Plan International Canada. Your purchase counts.

Peregrine Supply Co.

A grooming product for real men made from small batches with sustainable and natural ingredients. Peregrine Supply Co. aims to promote healthy men’s culture, without the hyper-masculine stereotypes. An inclusive product for men to feel good about themselves just the way they are.


Wosh is a skincare company that is created by nature and backed by science. Dermatologist and pediatrician tested so it’s good for everyone. Wosh ditches cheap synthetic ingredients and creates earth-to-skin mineral bars that cleans your skin.

Evio Beauty

If you’ve read our blog before, you know of Evio Beauty. Evio Beauty is a company made from humble beginnings and is always giving back to their community. They strive to create skincare and makeup products that are good for you, accessible, and affordable.


Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty is an indegenous founded and owned company. In 2020, they became a less-waste line for lipstick and aim to become a zero-waste company by 2023! They regularly support first nation communities and donate to non-profit and not for profit organizations. We love their Liquid Lipsticks that are all named after warrior indegenous women that have positively impacted their community.


Wildcraft creates small batches with fresh and organic ingredients. Their team strives to make skincare accessible to anyone, while maintaining ingredients that are always high quality. They source organic ingredients that are good to you and never tested on animals.


Sweat Society

Sweat Society preaches about human rights, and understands that we shouldn’t wear something at the stake of someone else’s well being. This team makes sure to create conscious and ethically sourced activewear for both men and women. For every Sweat Society product sold, $3 are donated to Made by Momma, a charity to help families that are in need of assistance.

Ava’s Appletree

Ava’s Appletree strives to create an environment that is safe for children, their health, and well-being. This company strives to become a green business by reducing paper usage and energy consumption, while including locally made products to support small businesses in their community.

Mary Young

Mary Young, created by no one other than Mary Young, wanted to create minimalistic intimate clothing to empower women of all different body types. She believes that every woman’s body should be celebrated, and she’s right! Her team creates ethically sourced intimate and lounge wear that are functional and comfortable for you.


Kotn strives to help men and women achieve a conscious lifestyle. Through good design, honesty, and relentless quality, they create clothing that is designed to prosper for generations. Not fiscal quarters. They use ethically produced Egyptian cotton, while using their profits to fund numerous social impact projects.

Azur Fit

Azur Fit was created by Erin. She found that she had a hard time finding comfortable and quality workout gear that celebrates the feminine body. Azur provides thoughtful basics were made to empower females to live their best life.


This Montreal based company believes that everyone has the power to improve from within. Rise creates women and men wear that is more than just clothing company. It’s made to encourage people to be limitless.


Knix is redefining intimates, so you can live unapologetically so you are free to be yourself. They’ve created intimates from wireless bras to leak-proof underwear designed to make you feel good in your skin.



Jessie Lyon, the founder, met Case Bakker. Case suggested selling blankets by his Ecuadorian artisan friends. This became the inspiration to start Pokoloko. Pokoloko has a way of bringing the wanderlust lifestyle into your home. All artisan made products are ethically sourced with the best material!

Thrill Coffee

Thrill Coffee aims to make coffee easy for you. How? They tailor a coffee subscription to your taste and deliver it right to your door! They love to share their love of coffee through education and inspiration to try new blends.

Papaya Reusables

Want eco-friendly products? Papaya Reusables has it! This lifestyle brand creates beautiful designs that are zero waste. Now you can have in-style and sustainable options while reducing plastic waste!



A jewelry company that is built off diversity, equality, inclusion and sustainability. At Mejuri, they believe that women that are empowered to lead will empower everyone around them. That’s why they support higher education for women and non-binary.


Sweat and Tonic

Sweat and Tonic creates a customized experience for people ready to challenge their minds and bodies. Located in Toronto, this company creates a space for fitness and wellness. Since COVID, they’ve created live online fitness classes so you can sweat from home. A great gift for those who want to stay active during quarantine.

Glo Yoga

Movement and meditation all in one. Glo Yoga offers online meditation, pilates and fitness classes! Their goal is to help you feel your best in your body and mind.


Hekate was inspired by Co-founder Vasek Pospisil and his experience with functional mushrooms. As a tennis player, he believes that functional mushrooms was the key to helping him return to his sport after surgery. Now he wants to share it with the world!

6ix cycle

There are so many online fitness subscriptions, but if you’re into high-intensity exercises, this subscription is for you! This Toronto based company offers in-person and online courses including Spin, HITT and Yoga!

Revive Superfoods

gingerbread jingle smoothie

The first multinational superfood subscription company to help you live a healthy, balanced and nutritious life! Carefully crafted by our team of chefs and nutritionists, we pre-portion farm frozen smoothies and meals so you can easily access food that’s good for you.

Gift a subscription to someone you love for the holidays! Here’s a few favourites we know they’ll love.

Thank you for being a part of Revive Superfood’s community! As we’ve grown, you’ve grown with us. We wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!