Meet Eman Kaiss, CCO of Revive Superfoods

A Day In The Life
Meet Eman Kaiss, CCO of Revive Superfoods

Eman Kaiss is our Chief Customer Officer (CCO). She received a BA from York University in Criminology and Social Science with a focus on Public and Private Investigations. She went on to earn an Information Science and Technology degree (BSc) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before taking on her current role, she worked as an Associate Banker at JPMorgan Chase, one of the big four banks in the United States. That is where Eman found an appetite and passion for pursuing communications with a focus on customer service enhancements and overall experience.

When does your day start?

As a working mom, my day starts at 6 a.m. I’m at my desk ready to work by 8:00 a.m.

Describe a typical workday

It starts with coffee. Then I begin to assemble the tasks of the day; I find it helps me accomplish a lot more when I have it written in front of me. I begin to follow up with my team regarding any updates from previous work in progress projects. Then, I conduct customer-focused meetings and data analysis sessions to make sure every single customer complaint on our emails and social media platforms are acknowledged and dissected to understand how we can do better. The bulk of my time is spent keeping our many communication channels flowing with helpful and relevant information. This includes interdepartmental communication; ensuring that a customer complaint makes its way to the appropriate department to ensure that processes and procedures are always revised following an in-depth analysis of the complaint or feedback.

A good chunk of my day is spent analyzing our company’s customer-centric culture, outlining areas of improvement and brainstorming new ideas to implement.

At the end of the workday, one last coffee and home to the family.

What are your three main tasks as CCO?

First, communication between Revive Superfoods and our valued customers to keep them always well informed. Second, communication between Revive Superfoods and the media to build our reputation by really showing people that Revive Superfoods meets a need to enhance one’s healthy lifestyle. Third, ensuring that we deliver exceptional customer service every day, always improving our skills and systems to keep our customers delighted.

How would you explain Revive Superfoods?

Our business provides a healthier and better way to live without compromising taste or convenience. Compared to other subscription meal kit services, we are more customer-obsessed and more customer-centric. We believe that it’s not only about delivering a good product, but also about building long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Which teams do you work with the most on a daily basis?

I manage and oversee the Customer Service and Public Relations departments. I also work very closely with the talented people in Marketing as they are the ones who craft and deliver the messages to our valued customers.

What are the most challenging parts of your job?

Winning back a customer who has had a less than perfect experience at any given time is the ultimate challenge. It’s all about regaining the customer’s trust by making them feel heard and valued. The other challenge is ensuring all our agents working remotely and in many different locations are in sync. 

What time does your day usually end?

Sometimes it ends at a normal business hour like 6 p.m. and sometimes it goes into the early morning hours of the next day. Our agents work in different time zones, so I try to be available to make sure the agents are receiving the support they need.

What motivates you when you’re under pressure?

My daughter is my motivation.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment since you joined the Revive Superfoods team?

Refining customer service procedures and designing new communication channels that have translated into happier customers. On the PR and Communications side, we have successfully made a presence on many major outlets such as POPSUGAR, Medical News Today, PR Urgent, and many more relevant blogs and online channels. The majority of our PR coverage has been earned media coverage and not paid.

Anything else?

It’s always a challenge to join a new company, unsure of how it will pan out. Thankfully, the people at Revive Superfoods have created a positive, supportive work environment and that has made the transition so much easier.