Why Busy People Should Eat More Oats

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Why Busy People Should Eat More Oats

Are you constantly looking for tips to make your busy day smoother? Luckily, we’re here to give you a tip: A bowl of oats!

Here’s why this superfood is so wonderful and how you can fit this grain into your busy day.

First, a little history about oats

overnight oats

Today is National Oatmeal Day, so what better day to learn about its origins!

There are a few different stories about where oats came from. In one tale, Oats made their first known appearance around 2000 BC during Egypt’s 12th dynasty.

That’s quite a while ago.

Back in Egypt, oats were regarded as little weeds since they weren’t worth much value. But today is different. The once ignored oats are now recognized for its high amount of nutritional value.

Nowadays, this ancient grain has revolutionized into so many contemporary foods. Like oatmeal cookies, oat flour pancakes, and of course. Overnight oats in a bowl.

Benefits of Oats

These gluten-free grains are one of the healthiest gifts from the earth! And they’re delicious too.

Oats, or avena sativa are one of the most nutrient-dense grains out there. These grains have minerals like manganese, magnesium and copper. Half a cup of oatmeal will give you 38% of your iron for the day! Oats also contain different types of Vitamin Bs and are filled with antioxidants.

There are studies that show that consuming oats can give you so many health benefits. Here are just some of the benefits that oats can do for your body!

  • Help with heart disease
  • Lower blood sugar levels (great for managing diabetes)
  • Lower cholesterol
  • High source of fiber

And for all you skincare nerds out there, oats are great for your skin! Whether you use it as a face mask or lather it over a rash. These grains can soothe inflamed skin like eczema.

As you can see, oats can benefit you internally and externally. But if you’re a busy person, it’s important to make time to eat healthy meals that lift you up. Try to stay away from the processed foods that will steal your energy, and opt for a better alternative.

How to Add Oats To Your Busy Day

Remembering when to eat can be a pain when you’re busy. Sometimes you’ll go until the afternoon and think: “Oh dang! All I had was coffee today.”

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. In order to get the most out of your busy day, it’s important to start your day off strong with brain-happy foods!

Overnight oats are our favourite for a reason. The best thing about it is being able to customize it however you want. Here are a few things you can add:

  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Superfood powders (cacao anyone?)
  • Add sweetener (we love honey!)
  • Nut milk

Mix everything up and leave it covered overnight. Then you’ll have breakfast before your alarm rings!

Get Overnight Oats Delivered To You!

carrot spice super oats


We love oats so much that we had to share our favourites with you! At Revive Superfoods, we want to make breakfast quick, easy, and nutritious for you. Just soak your preferred bowl of oats with a liquid of your choice and give it a quick stir before you go to bed.

We premade oatmeal to make it super easy for you in the morning. Whether you’re looking for something tangy like Pom-Orange or a little spice like Carrot-Spice, we’re sure you’ll love the one you choose. Get overnight oat bowls delivered to you!