A Day In the Life of Revive Superfood’s CMO

A Day In The Life
A Day In the Life of Revive Superfood’s CMO

This week, we’re spending a day in the life of our CMO and Co-Founder, Nour Kaiss.

Before Revive, Nour was pursuing a career in law. Along the way, she started a personal Instagram page that kind of went viral (@nourka92). As she continued to post content and gain more followers, she found her new love for marketing. This propelled her into the world of business.

Since 2015, Nour has founded, sold, and helped build multiple e-commerce companies. She even has an e-commerce fashion brand called Nourka Co. – her current side hustle. And since 2018, Revive Superfoods has become her main focus.

We hope this conversation will give you more insight into her role at Revive Superfoods.


At what time does your day usually start?

My day starts at 6 AM every day with a 40-minute workout, a hot cup of lemon ginger tea, and I’m at my desk by 7 AM to start work.

What does a typical workday look like for you at RSF?

Now that we’re working from home, it involves very little mobility… I go from my bed, to my at-home gym, hop in the shower, then straight to my home office!

I usually start my work by clearing out my inbox for 30-40 mins. I then review all pending tasks my team has to identify what needs to be pushed along, what’s overdue, and what needs my review.

External agency calls used to take up a lot of my time – but as I built out the marketing team, I’m spending more time meeting with our own people internally. We discuss goals, brainstorm ideas, and follow up on the progress of the various projects we’re working on.

For those who aren’t familiar with this role, what are the main tasks of a CMO?

My main role as the CMO is to build out systems and teams to help market our product to as many people as possible.

Our number one objective is to get people to buy into our mission – which is that good food brings out the best in you. When you eat better, you live better.

As the head of the marketing department, I started off bootstrapping every single element, from ad optimization, content creation, branding, packaging, social media, marketing automation, customer retention, and even customer service!

Now, I lead an entire team made up of media, creative, automation, and retention experts. My role is to motivate, encourage, support, and empower them to do the amazing work that they do to accelerate our growth as a company.

What is your creative process for coming up with Revive Superfoods marketing campaigns?

Teamwork is the root of all our creative processes!

Going from thinking about everything myself, to expanding on ideas and developing campaigns with other people has been a tremendous benefit to the company There’s nothing more powerful than collaborative work. The best thing an executive can do is empower their employees to work as a team in fulfilling key projects and milestones. By empowering my team, I give them the freedom to be as creative and inspired as possible.

How do you manage your time working with so many team players?

Project management tools have been a God send. I don’t know how I was doing anything without them. They’ve made my life so much easier! With COVID, everything is now managed virtually anyway. So it’s just a matter of checking online to see what’s moving, what needs a push, etc. Although it’s great to track progress online, I still value having conversations with my team leads to get updates on work. I love having those touchpoints with my employees. Though we’re working alone at home, it helps us all feel like we’re still part of a team.

When you hire excellent people, you don’t feel the need to micro-manage. I let my teams do their thing as long as the work is getting done and goals are being met. One department’s objectives are linked to and dependent on another department and that’s what allows everyone to work together harmoniously – without me having to manage every little thing.

What productivity tool do you use for organizing marketing campaigns?

We’re big Trello fans! Projects lived on Google Sheets in the early days but now we’re all on Trello and loving it!

At what time does your day usually end?

I wish I had a normal answer to this…

Work as a co-founder, owner, and executive never stops. I wish I was good at separating work from everything else but when your work is your passion, it just makes it super hard to stop. I truly enjoy what I do!


Nour Kaiss CMO Revive Superfoods

What inspired you to start Revive Superfoods?

When the idea of pre-portioned smoothies was first introduced to me, I was 4 months postpartum and actively looking for ways to get back into a healthy routine. As a new mother, I had no idea where to start. Everything seemed too time consuming, too expensive, or just generally unappetizing.

When our Founder Anis Barakat shared the idea to start a company together that delivered pre-portioned ingredients for smoothies in cups to peoples’ homes, I was immediately sold. I knew this was going to be an incredible product that would be received well by so many people.

When you eat well, you think, sleep, work, feel and LIVE better!

What is your favorite social media marketing trend at the moment?

My favorite marketing trend right now is the use of User Generated Content in advertising. It’s real, authentic, and gets the message across effortlessly.

We didn’t do much of this before but this is something that has become a core part of our marketing.

As a mom and entrepreneur, how do you balance work & family life?

Everything I do, I do for my daughter.

When work gets really tough, I stop, get up, take deep breaths, and go downstairs to see her doing the simple things: playing, dancing, drawing, etc. It keeps me grounded and reminds me of my purpose. She keeps me focused and that’s what keeps me going!

I don’t think as an entrepreneur you can ever find a balance. It is really hard to separate the two because they are so intertwined and connected. I do try to find time on weekends to leave my phone behind and just spend quality time with my kid, uninterrupted.

Where do you see Revive Superfoods 2 years from now?

Revive Superfoods is currently one of the fastest-growing frozen subscription companies in the world. I don’t think that’s ever slowing down!

We have an incredible team of hard-working execs who hustle and get the work done. We’re hyper-focused on winning for each other and for our subscribers. 2 years from now, I see our team doubling if not tripling in size. More importantly, I see Revive Superfoods reaching many more markets outside of North America.

We want the convenience, amazing taste, and nutritious value of our product to reach every household in North America and around the world.

As a woman, mother, and entrepreneur, I am very proud to have contributed to growing such a diverse and amazing team at Revive Superfoods. I hope reading this article has allowed you to understand a bit better the role I play in the company as well as inspire you to invest your time in projects that you’re truly passionate about!

Nour Kaiss
Co-Founder & CMO
Revive Superfoods