Advocating for Mental Health: Here’s What 3 Influencers Had To Say

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Advocating for Mental Health: Here’s What 3 Influencers Had To Say

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day to raise awareness and advocate for mental health and reduce the stigma that comes with it.

Here at Revive, we believe in holistic health that not only includes physical health but also mental health. With social media showcasing perfect lives, many people struggle silently. Anyone with a following on social media has a role in changing the way that narrative is shared. We reached out to influencers and asked them why advocating for mental health is important to them. Here’s what they had to say:

“Since I first started on social media, I promised myself to really take advantage and make a difference in our society. Mental health is a really important topic; but sadly, does not have the exposure needed. I want to break the stigma- of always wanting and trying to pretend to be okay when the reality is the opposite. I want people to know that asking for help and wanting to talk about how they feel, is not a characteristic of weakness or failure- it means they are strong,  brave and that everything is going to be alright.”

  • Junely, @moms_realglam

Picture Source: Instagram, @moms_realglam


“Advocating for mental health is important to me because it amplifies the voices of those suffering. The more people advocate for mental health, the more empowered those suffering feel in understanding that they are not alone. I remember struggling with mild postpartum depression and thinking about those who go through what I went through for a short period of time, every single day. Advocating for people struggling with mental health issues and standing by them gives them hope and helps erase the stigma around it. As an influencer, I use my platform to uplift and empower people and if talking about mental health helps do that – then it’s my responsibility to do more of it! The more influencers talk about mental health, the more enabled people suffering feel to talk and share their stories in order to heal.”

  • Nour Kaiss, @nourka92

Picture source: Instagram, @nourka92


We care about different parts of our body, but often forget about our mental health. It should be the first thing doctors should worry about. ”

  • Inna, @inna_usa

Picture source: Instagram, @inna_usa